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Happy Vegan Comfort Food is the exact book that Karoline Joensson would have wanted when she first became a vegan. Back then she was both hungry and bewildered by this new lifestyle. In order to help guide new vegans, Karoline has gathered her most indispensable recipes: dishes that provide a good basis and that can be used in various flavour combinations; food that adds warmth and comfort; delicious meals to simplify everyday life. Karoline invites us into her home and to her table to enjoy dinner, breakfast and snacks and the classic food that we always come back to when we think of home. Whether you are cutting down on your meat intake, starting a new vegan diet, or looking for fresh ideas to make dishes like Paella, Colcannon, and Frittatas, Karoline Joensson, the author of bestselling Happy Vegan Christmas, is here to inspire you. Happy Vegan Comfort Food is a collection of dishes that always work and always taste good. The book is divided into sections: From scratch – how to make your own tofu, oat cream for cooking and tempeh. In the frying pan – dishes such as vegetable fritters, okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes), scrambled tofu In the pot – soups, daal and stews In the oven – gratins and jacket potatoes with delicious fillings

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