Companies Recruiting Now

  • Elakkai

    Our mission is to connect food community with the world’s smartest database of South Asian and Indian recipes. Elakkai is an intelligent kitchen sidekick to…

  • The Village Hotel

    Our Chain is recognized the world over for delivering exceptional hospitality, an amalgam of world-class refinement inspired by the heritage and nobility of Indian traditions.

  • Venice Italian Cuisine

    This restaurant aims to serve supreme quality Italian dishes which are affordable. Also, don’t forget to check our websites for several discounts and meal deal offer for birthdays.

  • Delicious dessert Corner

    Desserts make mood happier, so why not try and create some sweet memories.

  • Indian spicy hub

    Never miss your homemade Indian food. Just pop in and you will love and enjoy different items

  • Express food

    Express eats is a food company that aims to serve most food items of customer choice in a healthy and nutritious way and in just a few minutes.

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