World's Only Hyper Connected
AI Powered Food Community

We have a mission to connect recipe to ingredients, ingredients with smart shopping, cookbooks and cooking class, supper clubs and business directories, blogs and meal plans, and a vibrant community.

World's Only Hyper Connected
AI Powered Food Community

Turn Recipes into Shopping lists,
in Seconds

Get delivered groceries from Sainbury’s, Ocado, Waitrose, TESCO, Amazon Fresh, Walmart

One Click Shopping List

In seconds turn recipes ingredients into beautiful shopping list

Swap Brands In a Seconds

You have your preferred brand of grocery, swap in seconds.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI detects common pantry items orders like water, salt etc. They are added to the list but greyed out for your choice.

Share shopping list

Share the shopping list in one click, share as text message, WhatsApp.

Location Aware Shop

We are connected with large grocers and supermarkets globally for local delivery.

Get Delivered

Get delivered all the ingredients from your choicest large superstore or online grocery mart and cook in.

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Join a Cooking MasterClass or Host One

Virtual and Physical Cooking Class

A cooking class brings people together, teaches them how to cook, builds your brand, sells related products, and helps you build a wealth ladder. Strangers come together to learn cooking skills from you, make friends, and have a good time.

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Getting started is easy

Being the hub of so many cultural backgrounds has its perks.