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Recipe Ingredients to
Smart Shopping List

Shop with Local Grocers worldwide with One Click from Elakkai.

Turn recipes into shopping lists

Broad grocer network

Monetise your recipe with a far-reaching perspective on recipe and ingredient attitudes and behaviours from a worldwide network of recipe publishers, grocers and Whisk apps.

One Click Shopping List

With one click turn the recipe ingredients into smart shopping list and integrate with your favourite local online grocery shop.

Save and Share shopping lists

Save and instantly share the recipe with your loved one through SMS/ Text or Whatsapp and they will be able to have the same view and do the shopping.

Make Smarter Food Choice​

With thousands of ingredients available to choose from, you make better decision.

Choose Your Favourite Store

We have a wide selection of local and national stores for you to choose from.

Compare Cost of Ingredients

The cost of recipe ingredients are instantly calculation as per your selected grocery shop, which helps manage budget.

Location Aware Shop

With our browser enabled location aware technology, and ZIP code enable search allow you choose your shop automatically, but you decide.

Swap Brands In a Seconds

During shopping swap brand of ingredients instantly based on your preference or budget.

Get Ingredients Delivered

Use your known and favourite grocery to get the ingredients delivered at your doorstep. Happy and Healthy Cooking

Grocer Integration

Precise product matching

Accurately match your inventory to recipe ingredients, creating a frictionless shopping experience.

Prioritize preferred brands

Fill carts with your store’s prioritized brands strengthening existing partnerships.

Instant integration

With our partner Whisk ecosystem and facilitate checkouts from premier recipe sites, Samsung smart devices, branded content, and the Whisk consumer experience.

Across Devices and the Web.

On your phone, on your laptop, in the kitchen, and across leading recipe sites, Elakkai is always with you and always in sync with Whisk.

UK Grocery Integration

Asda, Tesco, Amazon Fresh, Occado

Instant Price Comparision

Swap Brands of ingredietns

USA Grocery Integration

ZIP Code Search

Price Comparision

Expanding Globaly

Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Austria

Argentina and Australia

Canada, Dominion and others

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