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User Friendly Recipe technology built ground up for future.
We integrate Computer Vision, Voice Search, Vendors and Artificial Intelligence.

A Connected Recipe Platform

Easy Recipe Submission

We redesigned the recipe submision keeping you and the cook in mind. A supereasy submission process that works on web as well as mobile.  The choice is yours!

Photo Galleries

Each recipe can have one—complete with captions, a mobile-friendly slider, and you can even add a YouTube or Vimeo video to the beginning of the gallery slider.

Browse & Search

The recipes are displayed in a beautiful card layout that adjusts itself automatically. You can search and sort them by date or alphabetically, search by keyword and more.

Printable Recipes

For those that want or need printable recipes, Elakkai makes it very easy. You can even pick and choose which parts you want to print.

AI Powered Nutrition Facts

Most recipes display a AI powered Nutrition Facts label that looks amazing! Also, when the serving size it changed by the cook, the calories updates automatically!

Full-Screen Mode

Full-screen mode is great for cooking in the kitchen! A quick glance at the screen will show ingredients, directions and any running cooking timers—all at the same time.

SEO Optimized

Full support for Google Structured Data and  That way, your recipes look great in search results. Usually a pro feature, Cooked offers this for free.

Ingredients & Directions

Quickly add ingredients and directions, drag and drop them, add section headings, direction images and throw in some interactive cooking timers.

Cooking Timers

Cook can click or tap a timer link to start a countdown clock. You can pause and reset them individually, and multiple running timers are also supported

User Engagement

User Ratings

Users can rate each recipe with a star rating or thumbs up/down (you choose). Most noteworthy, if they happen to leave a comment on the recipe, their rating will show up with it.

User Favorites

Visitors can favorite recipes and then view them all from their profile. As a result, they can get access to their most loved recipes from a single source.

Menulist and Wishlist

Users can create a recipe collection or Menulist from their choice of recipes and share the Menu on social media or within the platform.

Powerful Social Sharing

Visitors can easily share recipes to Facebook (with attached images), Twitter (supports tags), Pinterest (supports tags and rich pins), Google Plus and old-school style via Email.

Account Management

User Profiles

Each user can view their own recipes, favorites and update their profile information. Also, there’s a standard-issue registration and login form included, but you are not required to use them.

Recipe Submissions

Users can use a front-end submission form to submit their own recipes, either for their own use or for public consumption (after approval from the site aditor).

Dashboard and Analytics

Each user will have own dashboard for recipes, events, shop and selling revenue. All dashboards are beautifully designed for wasy data analysis and reporting.

Track influence

Learn how opinions are shaped throughout the decision-making journey to better understand when and where to devote marketing dollars.

Future Proof Recipe

Content Structuring

Optimized food content for use across the web including search and custom curation.

Multi-platform usage

Allows content to be accessed from a wide variety of platforms and applications, including voice assistants, search engines, and guided cooking experiences.

Global reach

Gain a far-reaching followers and viewers who have integration of your recipe with local grocer.

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