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Ordering a takeaway is easier than ever with online and delivery services now giving access to a huge variety of restaurants of every kind. This is an expensive way to eat, however, and very few fast food outlets will give you the kind of balanced meal you can cook at home. The best way to eat your favourite takeaway food is to make it yourself; welcome to the world of the fakeaway. With an introduction giving advice on cooking utensils and practical ways to cook, this book offers a complete guide to how to stir fry in a wok, grill a burger and fold a fajita. Recipes come from English, American, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Mexican traditions with dishes that cover everyone’s indulgent pleasure, from thin crust Neapolitan pizzas and classic burgers to delicate gyozas and nourishing Vietnamese Pho. * Includes cook-it-yourself feasts from every corner of the globe * Contains 65 original recipes for fabulous fakeaway breakfasts, snacks and main meals * Every recipe is beautifully illustrated and comes with clear step-by-step instructions

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