Vegan Roasting Pan



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Vegan Roasting Pan offers 70 oven-to-table recipes that are cooked in just one tin – a roasting tin, baking sheet or muffin tin, plus a few select pieces of preparation equipment. From Sticky maple aubergine with crushed peanuts, Watermelon nicoise and Oven-fried nuggets, to Apple and ginger dahl, Low and slow rice pudding or a Blackberry and peach tart, whether you’re a kitchen pro or a vegan beginner, it’s time to let your oven do all of the hard work for you. The recipes are organised into four chapters: Light: Dishes that are simple enough for lunch, or a light supperSupper: Delicious and hearty one-pots that all of the family will love, any night of the weekExtras: Sides and snacks that are easy to prepareSweet: Bakes, puddings and breakfast ideas that are both simple and tasty With tips for every recipe and advice on freezing and batch cooking, Vegan Roasting Pan will build your confidence in the kitchen, simplify cooking processes and prove that vegan cooking is easy, with fail-safe meals that all of the family will love.

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