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‘BRAVE, BOLD COOKING THAT PUTS WHOLE VEGETABLES AT THE CENTRE OF YOUR PLATE. I WANT TO COOK (AND EAT) IT ALL.’ – ANNA JONESMore than 100 everyday, plant-based recipes, including several with QR links to online videos. Each recipe in Vegan Love has a veggie as the star, treated as you would meat or fish – so slow-cooked, baked, roasted, pan-fried or grilled. Each one also consists of the same 4 components: a big veggie (the main) + a protein side (a pulse or grain) + a sauce or cream or dressing + a topping (herbs and crunch) Many can be cooked in 30 minutes, none use less-than-healthy vegan substitutes and all elevate veggies to the next level, showing how simple and tasty they can be. Several are also accompanied by QR codes for online tutorials.

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