Vegan Asian: A Cookbook



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Make Incredible Vegan Versions of Your Favorite Asian Meals If you crave vegan-friendly versions of classic Asian dishes, this will become your new favorite cookbook! Jeeca Uy, of the hit Instagram account @TheFoodieTakesFlight, transforms traditional Southeast and East Asian cuisine into spectacular vegan renditions that are bursting with flavor. From iconic Thai dishes to piping-hot Japanese fare and everything in between, Jeeca’s recipes will take your palate on a delicious food trip across Asia that will keep you coming back for more. So, why order takeout when you can easily whip up a vegan version that is not only healthier but can taste even better? Find your favorites and discover new ones with recipes such as: Pad Thai Char Siu Tofu Vietnamese Mushroom Pho Singaporean Chili Tofu Chinese Lettuce Wraps Yang Chow Fried Rice Japanese Yakisoba Spicy Dan Dan Noodles Satay Tofu Sticks with Peanut Sauce Korean Bulgogi Mushrooms Along with vibrant photographs, Jeeca has packed this book with tips and tricks to guide any cook, vegan or not, on how best to work with tofu, how to fold dumplings, how to make vegan versions of essential sauces and so much more. This cookbook will quickly become your go-to guide for simple yet delicious vegan Asian recipes.

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