The Traveling Vegan Cookbook



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Kirsten Kaminski, creator of The Tasty K and vegan travel aficionado, is here to take you on a voyage through incredible plant-based versions of her favorite international recipes, all from the comfort of your own home. And with helpful tips and tricks for traveling as a vegan, you’ll never go hungry on any of your future globe-trotting adventures. Whip up a feast for your guests with a mezze platter inspired by Kirsten’s memories of many warm nights spent in cozy Greek taverns, or indulge in a smooth and rich Lentil Moussaka, featuring a homemade bechamel sauce based on a favorite recipe from her time living in Cyprus. Discover the plant-based way to make sabich (complete with a vegan “egg”) through a recipe that mimics the creamy, silken version she came to love while living in Tel Aviv. Fall head over heels for matcha, just as Kirsten did during her travels in Japan, as you luxuriate in totally dairy-free Matcha Ice Cream. And be transported to the sunny streets of Mexico as you bite into the tender, street-style Elotes that call back to her high school years. With this exciting cookbook, you’ll eat your way through the Mediterranean, Middle East, Asia and Latin America, all without compromising flavor or your vegan diet. So take a bite, take a journey and let The Traveling Vegan Cookbook be your guide to showstopping deliciousness from around the world.

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