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The more than 3,500 fans who stand in around-the-block lines each week know what’s up: the Cinnamon Snail is anything but standard vegan cuisine. Each item on the Snail’s menu is a bold, exciting mix of global flavors and innovative textures, and with every delicious dish, chef Adam Sobel challenges how we think about vegan cuisine. In these 150 recipes, he teaches you how to master ingredients, build sandwiches overflowing with delicious flavors, and make his award-winning and obsession-inducing donuts. Peppered throughout are Adam’s absurd stories and inquisitive ruminations–tales of negotiating parking tickets with free pastries, the ethical ways (if any) to eat animals, and the unexpected silver lining of working in a truck rather than a restaurant. The Cinnamon Snail has made vegans out of many skeptical carnivores, and Street Vegan will do just that–delivering a vegan cookbook that is delicious, provocative, and enticing on every page.

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