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Self-professed as having a “low sugar sweet tooth,” Marisa Alvarsson of Miss Marzipan proves you can have your sweet fix and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you’re watching your sugar intake for health reasons, or just want to be more conscious about your consumption of the sweet stuff, look no further for treats that are both free of artificial sweeteners and low in natural sugars. Many of these recipes, like the Blueberry Cupcakes and the Figgy Energy Bars, take root in seasonal produce, while others, such as the Banana ‘Kladdkaka,’ are inspired by Marisa’s travels in Stockholm. When she uses a sweetener, she reaches for maple syrup, coconut sugar, fresh and dried fruits and other natural ingredients. Also included are quick snacks, wholesome breakfasts, no-bake desserts and impressive treats for special occasions. Miss Marzipan’s engaging voice encourages cooks through each step. With 127,000 Instagram followers, her photographs of colorful, imaginative plant-based dishes will convince any home baker they can have all the fun without all the sugar. The book includes 75 recipes and 75 photographs.

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