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Image from qBittorrentDon’t be fooled by the simplicity of qBittorrent’s user interface. Behind its understated design lies a torrent client that gets the job done — and fast. It claims to use as little CPU and memory as possible, cutting down on any sluggish downloads for your computer. Furthermore, it comes with an integrated torrent search engine and allows users to download torrents according to priority.

Before you start downloading files from torrents, you should take all the means of prevention. This article will explain the best way to protect your computer from harmful torrents. Though there are ways to circumvent this surveillance, most of them are rather technical or will limit what you can download.

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During tests, my speeds dropped around 44% on average from my standard speed. This meant I could download a 5GB file in just over 10 minutes. Unfortunately, PIA struggles to maintain fast speeds over long distances — some of my connections dropped as much as 73%.

  • However, Deluge hasn’t received platform upgrades in years, while its active development support is palpably lacking.
  • This way, your ISPs wouldn’t know that you’re using the internet for torrenting, and throttling your speed would become completely impossible for them.
  • You can be assured that all the torrent clients in this article are tried-and-tested and safe to use.

The platforms are all completely malware-free and feature a lot of trusted uploaders. Using the right safety tools is important, but won’t give you a foolproof experience. You need to make sure you’re using trustworthy torrent sites and uploaders to torrent from, too.

What is uTorrent used for?

FrostWire also offers a versatile media player if there’s a need to access your downloaded media files at any time. It also has a large community for fans, which enables them to make suggestions and chat. QBittorrent is presumably the lightest torrent client available at the moment.

However, it’s also worth noting the difference in total installs to get a sense of each app’s popularity and perceived trustworthiness. Image source.Beyond that, the Epic Scale miner was pretty easy to install. However, the optics of the entire thing (installing a cryptocurrency miner that can reduce the performance of users’ computers) were terrible. In 2010, some users were concerned when the uTorrent release included adware known as the Conduit Engine. This installed a toolbar on the users’ browsers and changed their homepages and default search engines.

In our example, we can have 5 torrents downloading at the same time but up to 8 in total. So, even if we were downloading 5 torrents at a time, we could still be seeding a further 3 torrents. BitTorrent only works well when there are many seeders for files. Private trackers, therefore, often require you to keep seeding files long after they’ve finished downloading to your computer. Those who “hit and run”—disconnecting their BitTorrent client shortly after they’ve downloaded the entire file—are likely to be suspended or banned from the site.

In conclusion, we think qBittorrent is the best application for most users. We’re big fans of qBittorrent, and before anything else on this list, we’d recommend checking out qBittorrent first. The settings, the speed, and the ease of setup make it the app to beat on Windows 10. It can be tricky to find safe torrents, as many torrent sites are filled with malware. The safest way to download torrents is to use a private tracker, which is an invite-only list of torrents.

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